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No Deposit Bonus Casinos

One of the most sought-after online casino perks is the no-deposit bonus. As the name suggests, you can enjoy this type of bonus without having to make a deposit first. And of course, you get to keep your winnings. To be eligible for this type of bonus, all you have to do is open an account at an online casino.

Casinos offer no deposit bonuses for various reasons. The most common reason is to ensure that existing customers remain active. There are different types of no deposit bonuses that come with specific terms and conditions. For example, you can get free money or free spins. 

In this guide, you'll find everything you need to know about no-deposit bonuses and how to best use them. 

No-Deposit Casinos

Here at CompareCasino, we've made several agreements with online casinos, so you can benefit from exclusive bonuses when you sign up, including the no-deposit ones. Have a good look around and read a few of our reviews before you create an account. It would be a shame if you made a hasty registration and missed out on some of the fantastic bonuses. 

Our reviews cover various aspects, including the quality of bonuses, promotions, quality of software, reputation, payout ratio, graphics, customer service, the range of games, and more. Of course, we hope that these reviews will help you in your search for the most suitable casino. 

What is a No Deposit Casino Bonus?

If you play at an online casino, you are of course interested in winning. It can indeed be relaxing to play a good game, but in the end, the profit does count. To be able to play for money you, usually have to deposit money yourself. Nowadays you are no longer a serious online casino if you do not offer all sorts of appealing bonuses, including the no-deposit ones. All you have to do to be eligible for this goodie is to open a new account at your chosen online casino. 

The different No-Deposit Casinos Bonuses

Bonuses such as the no-deposit Bonus are perfect if you feel like taking a gamble without having to spend money. You will normally come across two different types of no-deposit bonuses, the Cash Up-Front bonus and the Time Limit bonus. They both work in different ways.

  • Cash Up-Front Bonuses are the most common no-deposit bonuses in online casinos. If you register at a casino you will immediately receive a play amount on your account.
  • Time-Limit Bonuses are bonuses that consist of free play money, made available for a limited period. You are completely free to spend the available amount at your discretion within a period of one or say two hours. At the end of your playing time, your winnings will be paid out as new bonuses.

Both bonuses have their advantages. But no matter how you look at it, both are pretty great, and for the simple reason that neither costs you a single penny.

no deposit casinos bonuses

Variations in No Deposit Bonus Casinos:

There are different types of no-deposit Bonus Casinos. They often have their own conditions. We at CompareCasino have made a list of the most common No Deposit Bonuses so that you can be fully prepared to look for the best online casino.

Bonus for new customers:

There are online casinos where you receive a small amount in your account without having to deposit yourself. All you have to do is open a new account with a special bonus code if applicable. Sometimes you can find such codes on other sites. CompareCasino regularly offers great promotions for visitors to online casinos, so check the site for the current promotions. You may also need to contact customer service after opening the account and ask for these bonuses. 

The amounts of such a no-deposit Casino Bonuses are often relatively small and normally, conditions apply. They may be that you only have a limited choice when it comes to the casino games that you can play with this money, but it is also possible that you can only pay out any winnings if you make a deposit later.

No-Deposit Bonuses for existing customers

There are also online casinos that give no-deposit bonuses to their customers (who have already made the first deposit). The customer does not have to deposit again but receives the bonus directly in his / her account. In fact, this is not a real no-deposit bonus, because you must have made a deposit first. On the other hand, who says no to free money? 

Time limit and deposits with No Deposit Casinos Bonuses

Nowadays, online casinos often also use no-deposit bonuses with a time limit that is often 30 minutes to 1 hour. When you have opened a new account you will receive a bigger amount and with this, you can play with the aim of achieving as much profit as possible. You can then keep your net profit yourself. The number of casino games that offer this is somewhat limited. In order to have the profit paid out, you will normally have to meet a number of conditions.

The most common condition is that you first have to deposit yourself and have wagered at least a certain amount before you can payout. The amount that you must then deposit can be equal to the previously determined no-deposit bonus. In the end, you have to remember that an online casino has not established such rules to incur losses, they just want to bind you as a customer.

no deposit casinos bonusCommon conditions No Deposit Bonus

When an online casino offers a no-deposit bonus, the casino actually gives away free money. It is therefore only logical that their aim is to benefit in the long run. That does not mean that it is not advantageous to use a no-deposit bonus. Quite the contrary, but you do have to pay attention to the conditions so that you can estimate the correct value. 

A good example of a no-deposit bonus is one where you either get free spins or play for an hour with a nice starting capital. Such promotions, of course, look very attractive and they are, but also pay attention to the conditions that apply to the promotion.

A number of conditions that you may have to take into account with a No Deposit Bonus are:

- Do you have to deposit money to be able to have your winnings paid out?

- Is there a restriction when it comes to the casino games that you are allowed to play?

- Is there a minimum bet before you can cash out winnings?

- Is there a time limit?

- Is there a cash amount, or do I get free spins on a certain game?

Take Advantage of the No-Deposit Casinos

Choosing a No-Deposit Casino gives you the exceptional opportunity to redeem a bonus without making a deposit. This is, of course, a huge advantage. In our opinion. Playing in such a casino is especially interesting for players who are not very comfortable, but still want to gamble an evening from behind their PC or mobile phone. And even if you do not make a profit, which we naturally do not assume, you actually do not incur a loss because you have not had to bet. So, what are you waiting for? Now choose one of the online casinos from our list with the Best No Deposit Casinos!

How do I make the best use of a No Deposit Bonus?

You now have a very clear idea of what a no-deposit casino bonus does exactly, and what conditions you can expect. But how can you as a player handle it as efficiently as possible? In other words: how do you get the most benefit from these bonuses? Here are some tips:

 Use the casino No Deposit to test whether you really like a casino

Suppose you come into contact with an online casino through our review on CompareCasino, but you are not yet completely convinced whether the casino really meets your needs. You do not yet feel confident enough to deposit money but would still like to know what the No Deposit Casino is like. Then use the No Deposit Bonus Casinos to experience the full functionality of the casino without having to pay a single cent! In the meantime, you have a chance to win real money too!

  Use the online no deposit casinos to practice without risk

Another scenario that we often encounter with our visitors is that they are attracted to a certain (often slightly more difficult) game. This can be blackjack, for example. The visitor wants to play the game but is afraid of losing money because he or she is not yet 100% skilled in blackjack. A No Deposit bonus is exactly what you are looking for. You can then play blackjack with free money, and if you lose this money due to a strategic mistake, your own bankroll will remain unaffected! This way you can easily try out different strategies and games without the risk of losing your own money!

  The chance of real money, without the risk of loss

No Deposit bonuses actually fill the gap between the free casino games and the 1st own money deposit at an online casino. Free casino games are great fun, but also a bit boring because you can never really make money. Transferring money to a casino to play with offers a lot of bonus benefits, but also brings the risk of losing. The No Deposit bonus casinos are right in between, which means you can try out casinos and practice casino games without risk, but if you win a lot, there will be real money on your casino account!

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