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Online Lotteries

Step by step through winning the lottery

For many of us winning an (online) lottery sounds very appealing. It’s the ultimate dream: winning millions by buying the right ticket. A dream which will remain a dream for many of us, because the chances are small of actually winning an (online) lottery. However, lotteries are more accessible than ever, thanks to the many online lotteries that you can play in the best lottery casinos. There are even free lotteries that you can participate in. 

In this lotteries guide, we show you how offline and online lotteries work. You can now also buy your lottery tickets online for offline lotteries and follow the draw live online. But the online lotteries in casinos are also a topic of discussion in this guide. First of all, the goal of the game will be explained, including the set-up. In addition to this, all the steps of the lottery will be explained. Any further bets will also be addressed. Hereafter we will discuss the strategy: is it possible to increase your chances of winning at a lottery? And last but not least, in this online lottery guide, we give you some useful last advice. 



Step 1 – How to play at the online lottery

If you ask 1000 people why they participate in a lottery, the answer will vary considerably. A few go for the jackpot, but for most people, there are other reasons to take part in the game. For example, they like the excitement of the draw, or they think they have a greater chance of winning one of the smaller cash prizes and therefore choose to participate. Of course, a lottery has a goal which will be explained below. In addition to this, the set-up of an (online) lottery will be discussed in more detail.

The goal of the game 

The goal of the game is simple: winning the jackpot. However, the participants realize that the chances of winning the jackpot are small. For many people, the thrill of a lottery is the main reason for participating. It is simply nice to have a chance to win an exorbitant cash prize. In many lotteries, you also have the chance to win extra prizes. This often involves a lower cash prize, but a holiday or a fun day out can also be among the prizes. Prizes that you often see in an (online) lottery: 

  • Prizes in money
  • Holidays 
  • A day out 
  • Nice gifts and other goods
  • Extra tickets


A lottery, both online and offline, consists of a number of fixed elements. First, there is the prize. The big prize is called the jackpot, which is a huge amount of money. But there may also be various other prizes. These are usually lower cash prizes, but other options are also possible, such as a travel coupon or a television. The winners of these prizes will be announced during a draw. To participate in an (online) lottery, you need to buy a lottery ticket. Buying multiple tickets is also possible. Keep reading this lottery guide and find out if this will benefit you.

Step 2 – The course of the game 

You can read more about the course of (online) lotteries below. You can often detect a number of fixed steps, both with online and offline variants. These are listed below. A fixed course of an (online) lottery proceeds in the following way: 

  • You buy a ticket (or several tickets). 
  • With this ticket, you participate in the lottery. 
  • A draw takes place, where you find out whether you have won a prize or not. 
  • Did you win? Then your prize will be paid out to you. 

You can participate in lotteries in various places. For example, you can still buy an old-fashioned ticket at the petrol pump. But you can also register online on a website, perhaps at the best lottery casino at the moment. Free lotteries can also be found online. These are nice to participate in, but often don’t pay out a prize (or, at best, a small gift).

Step 3 – Buying a ticket 

Do you want to participate in a lottery? In that case, you will have to buy a ticket. For an offline lottery, you can buy your lottery ticket at various places, but you can also buy your tickets online. With an online lottery, you have to go through some extra steps before you can buy a lottery ticket (or multiple tickets). For example, you will first have to register at an online casino before any tickets can be bought at all. In addition to this, you may have to take further steps depending on the type of lottery you are going to participate in. Sometimes you get a ticket with already fixed numbers, while at other lotteries you can still choose your own numbers. It is also possible that the numbers are fixed, but that you can still select bonus letters, for example. 

Step 4 – The draw 

So, you bought a ticket. Of course, it is also possible to buy multiple tickets, but the question is whether or not this will increase your chances of winning. You can find out by reading this online lottery guide further. Now that you have bought your lottery ticket(s), the supreme moment awaits; the drawing of the lottery. The winning tickets will be announced. These winning tickets are chosen at random, and often a notary is present to check the independence of (online) lotteries. This way you can be sure that a draw is fair. During the draw, you will, therefore, discover whether your fate will bring you anything. Did you win a cash prize? Then it’s time to cash out.

Lottery balls jackpot

Step 5 – Cash out 

Did you manage to win a cash prize? Although the chances of winning a jackpot are small, it is possible that you have won it. But it is more likely that you have won one of the smaller cash prizes. In some lotteries, the chances of winning are high (for example, more than 50% chance of winning at the State Lottery), but here you mainly have a chance of winning low cash prizes. Nevertheless, every profit is a nice bonus. But you also have a chance of winning thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of euros. For obvious reasons you would like to claim these prizes. Please contact the relevant organization if this is the case. 

(Further) bets 

Most lotteries are about the numbers on your ticket that determine whether you win something or not. However, there are also lotteries where you can win cash prizes because, for example, your lottery ticket ends with the number “5”. The State Lottery is a good example of this. Unfortunately, in practice, this does not seem to be more profitable. It is also possible that you get all the correct numbers, but not the correct letters. In that case, you do not win the jackpot, but you still win a significant amount of money.


Strategy in an (online) lottery? Now you might consider us crazy, but it is certainly possible to apply strategies in a lottery. Of course, luck still comes into play. That’s why it’s called a lottery. But you can nevertheless increase your chances of winning. Do you wonder how this works? Please read on. 

First of all, lotteries are obligated to publicly list their chances of winning. However, these chances of success can be manipulated to appear higher than they actually are. The chances of winning, in general, should therefore not be confused with the chance of winning the jackpot. For example, the chance of winning at the State Lottery is higher than 50%, but this refers to the chance of winning a certain cash prize. And because a lot of low prices are being paid out, the chances of winning something are high. While the probability of winning the jackpot was 1 in 4.4 million in the most recent draw, it is safe to say that, you don’t win big that fast. It is therefore advisable to pay attention to the payout percentage. The higher this percentage is, the more money is being paid out. This means you have a higher chance of winning a big cash prize. 

Secondly, a proven recipe to increase your chances of winning is to buy multiple tickets. Sometimes this is not advised, partly because more lottery tickets mean that you spend more money. Nevertheless, it is clear to say that the chances of winning significantly increase by purchasing multiple tickets. So if this doesn’t cost you too much, it may be worth your money. As with other casino games, it is recommended to pay some attention to money management. This way you can prevent losing too much money. 

Last advice 

One of the myths that still exist around (online) lotteries is the fact that the chance of winning is higher when there are fewer participants in the lottery. However, this is (usually) not true. It is therefore advisable to always read the conditions of a lottery. Here you can find out whether the winning ticket is drawn from all the tickets that participate in that particular lottery, or whether this ticket is drawn from all existing tickets (also the ones that don’t participate in that particular lottery). This also includes unsold tickets. And of course, the fun factor should not be underestimated. Strategies may increase your chances of winning, but luck is still the determining factor in lotteries. A lottery is simply a lottery. 

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