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The Best Online Casino Bonus 2020

As gamblers, we're always looking for something extra to make our online casino experience even better. Once you've chosen your favorite casino and register, you'll get your first bonus. When playing at online casinos, you have the option to significantly reduce the house advantage by using bonuses. Online casinos are looking to attract as many new customers as possible and they use the different bonuses to reward their players. Find out everything you need to know about casino bonuses and more in our guide below.

Top Bonus Casinos
Terms and conditions might apply to these offers.

Best Bonus Casinos:

Where should you pay attention when registering at a new online casino? Simple. The bonuses! Cashing in the best, highest and most lucrative bonus must be high on the priority list of every online casino player. All online casinos have a bonus policy, intended to attract new players. Wondering where you can find a Top Online Casino Bonus? Have a look at our list and find everything you need to know about the most profitable bonuses. See more on how to improve your winning chances in our top 10 guide.

Finding a Top Online Casino Bonus

Gone are the days you spend hours browsing the internet, looking for the most profitable bonus. As experienced casino players and gambling experts, we have compiled a comprehensive overview. On it, you will find the best casinos, and, the best bonuses. The casinos are ranked from high to low. The biggest, coolest and best bonuses and promotions are therefore at the top.

The Benefits of Playing Casino Games Online

A real-life casino naturally has a fantastic ambiance. Just think of the atmospheric lighting, the upbeat music, and the tinkling of change from the slot machines. Online casinos, however, know how to compensate for the lack of tangible perks. They are offering you fantastic online casino bonuses. From the moment you register and throughout. And you'll benefit from all the casino has to offer while sitting comfortably on your sofa. As icing on the cake, some casinos will even reward you for playing one of their countless games. Also, VIP players, have the chance to win all kinds of great prizes, such as free dinners, hotel stays, or a reserved seat at exclusive events, as part of the casino loyalty programs. Sounds good right?

Casino Bonuses - the Facts

If you're looking for a rewarding bonus, should have a look at our list of different casino bonuses and the attached descriptions. Keep in mind that even though we have written a fairly detailed reference work, we recommend that every gambler always carefully read the terms and conditions of the chosen casino.


Different Types Of Casino Bonus:

  • The online Casino Sign-Up Bonus or Welcome Offer;
  • The no-deposit Casino Bonus;
  • Free Spins Bonuses;
  • Refer-a-friend Bonus.

Sign-Up bonuses are the most profitable and attractive bonuses at online casinos. They can be paid out in one go or installments and you must deposit first before you can cash out the bonus.

The Different Types of Casino Bonuses

All online casinos nowadays offer bonuses, but there can be a lot of difference in the type of casino bonus and the conditions to get it. When choosing a casino based on the bonuses offered, you need to dig in a bit deeper, not just compare values. Let's look at the different types of bonuses.

Online Casino Sign-Up Bonus if you meet the wagering requirements. When you sign up at an online casino you land one of the best online casino bonuses possible. As an online gambler, it is important to remember that Sign-Up bonuses are normally awarded to players who have completed the sign-up process and made a deposit.

Unfortunately, you can only redeem this type of bonus once per online casino site. We recommend that you look for the highest sign-up bonus before entering your details on the online casino site. We emphasize it once more: you only have one chance to get the sign-up bonus.

Once you have registered and have played enough to be able to have your bonus paid out, there is another option - bonus hunting. That means you can sign-up at different casinos to redeem the Welcome Bonuses.

Exclusive Casino Bonuses

Exclusive bonuses, also known as loyalty bonuses, are, as the name might suggest, created for a specific purpose. Usually reserved for loyal members, the gamblers who have been spending quite some time in the same online casino. In essence, these exclusive casino bonuses are used to reward players for their loyalty and deposits. The higher the membership, the cooler, more exclusive, and unique the bonuses will be.

Casino Deposit Bonuses

Online casinos like to show their players how much they are valued when they make a deposit. When you make a transfer to your casino account, the casino will reward you by paying you a percentage of your deposit as a bonus, on top of the original deposit amount. Many players see this as a sort of discount because if you deposit say $100, and the casino gives you an extra 10%, you have $110, to play with.

The No-Deposit Bonus

Today you also come across enough casinos that award a bonus without having to make a deposit. You do not always have to deposit money to take a chance. Sometimes you want to try out the casino and the games at your leisure before you actually take the step to work with a casino. This is the reason that the no deposit casino bonus has been created. Simply so that you can play your games, experience the casino, taste a little atmosphere, and see if it all meets your expectations. It may seem like the casino is handing out free money this way. But beware, there are a few rules that go with these bonuses, so the following also applies: read the conditions carefully.

Free Play Casino Bonuses

The Free Play bonuses show quite some similarities with the no deposit bonuses. Unlike the no deposit bonus, you cannot have money paid out. The free play bonus is usually reserved for special offers and new games, something that the casino wants to promote. The free play bonus is usually timed and can only be played a maximum number of times. This means that you can play within a certain time frame and with a limited amount. To continue playing, you will really have to make a deposit after a while.

Free Spins Bonuses

The free spins bonuses are unique in the fact that they apply to a select game genre, the online slot machines. These bonuses are usually awarded to players during a slot tournament for which the casino is trying to generate interest. These bonuses offer the chance to gamble, to experience a few free spins, and to discover how the game works. Again, we would like to point out that you should read the bonus conditions carefully in advance. That's because some bonuses are only valid for a limited number of spins. Sometimes the bonuses here are also time-bound and no money is involved at all.

The Refer-a-Friend Bonus

In most online casinos you will find this bonus under the Refer-a-Friend button. The name already explains the principle behind this bonus - make sure that one of your friends sign up and receive a nice bonus in exchange. It is important that your friends mention you as a reference during their registration, on which you will receive a percentage of their first deposit.

Wagering Requirements and Conditions

Before you redeem one of the many bonuses, you should make it a habit to always read the terms and conditions of the casino carefully. Pay particular attention to the rules regarding wagering requirements (how often you have to use the bonus before you claim it). You do not have to use the bonuses; however brilliant and attractive some may be.

Claiming a Casino Bonus

Online casinos try to attract as many customers as possible with high casino bonuses. However, a casino will not just give away free money. When you make the first deposit, you can take advantage of a nice bonus, but you have to take into account the conditions to unlock it.

Normally you receive all casino bonuses in your account. Every online casino has a fixed scheme when it comes to how much you have to bet to clear a certain part of your casino bonus.

It can also happen that you receive the casino bonus directly in your real money account, but then you will still have to clear this casino bonus before you can cash out the money. The advantage of this so-called instant casino bonus is that you can bet the money directly on the various online casino games.

The Highest Bonus is Not Necessarily the Best 

As indicated above, every casino has its own wagering requirements. The highest bonus will probably also have strictest conditions. And that is precisely the reason why the highest bonus does not always have to be the best. Therefore, do a little research prior to your application and look critically at whether the stated wagering requirements are feasible. This way you can prevent any disappointments.

What to Look for When Choosing a Casino Bonus

 Do you receive the entire casino bonus in one go or in parts?

 How much do you have to bet to clear part of the casino bonus?

 Is there a time limit in which you have to clear all casino bonuses?

 Which online casino games can you use to clear the casino bonus?

Fortunately, you don't have to compare all casino bonuses yourself, because we've already done all the work for you. Check out our top list of all the best casino bonuses. 

Exclusive bonus deals for visitors to CompareCasino!

At CompareCasino you can also benefit from exclusive bonus deals. Now we do not set any further requirements or ask you for personal information. You can use our exclusive bonuses directly from our top lists. Look for this at the Exclusive Labels that are displayed with the numbers!

Questions and Answers about Different Types of Casino Bonuses

What is the difference between a bonus and an exclusive bonus?

An online casino normally offers various bonuses. We are talking about welcome bonuses, exclusive casino bonuses, deposit casino bonuses, no deposit casino bonuses, free play casino bonuses, free spins bonuses, refer-a-friend bonuses, and high roller bonuses. We've listed all the details above.

What is a welcome bonus?

Most online casinos offer a welcome bonus to help players get started during their online gambling adventure. Unfortunately, you can only redeem this bonus once per online casino. For that reason, it is advisable to do some research before you sign up at an online casino.

What is a No-Deposit / Free Money Bonus?

A No Deposit Bonus, also known as a Free Money Bonus, is a bonus that you normally receive by simply registering. In such a case, it is not necessary to make a deposit first. As always, we recommend that you read the terms and conditions before, because the casino can add high wagering requirements. In addition, it's possible that limits are applied when you want the bonus to be paid out. 

What is a Match Bonus?

A Match Bonus is a bonus where the online casino bets you multiplied by a certain percentage. Remember that there is usually a limit to the amount that the casino wants to meet. For example, if you deposit an amount of $100, and the Match Bonus is 400%, you will receive $400.

What is a Sticky Bonus?

A so-called "Sticky Bonus" can be used to wager while playing one of the casino games. This bonus is normally not paid out. The advantage of the Sticky Bonus is that you can start playing without having to make a deposit first. Once you have met the wagering requirements, you can have your winnings paid out. The money from the Sticky Bonus that you originally started with is deducted from your winnings. The rest is for you!

What is a Loyalty Bonus?

Loyalty bonuses are a bit of a strange duck in comparison to the other bonuses. These bonuses are awarded to loyal gamblers who have continued to play on a frequent basis in the same online casino. We are talking about periods from months to even years. You will also come across a monthly Match Bonus in this category, similar to the bonus you received when you first registered at a new online casino.

How do I get the best Casino Bonus?

Assuming you are interested in online gambling, we assume that you are looking for the best bonuses. Who wants to get the best bonus depends on a number of factors. Consider the amount that you deposit, the percentage the casino pays out, and how loyal you remain to the online casino. If you are completely new to the world of online gambling, we recommend that you carefully read our bonus guide. That way you know exactly which bonus best suits your needs. Fortunately, the CompareCasino team has compiled a very comprehensive list of the best online casinos and the corresponding bonuses. Take a look at our pages about Bonus Casinos and Exclusive Bonuses to find out more. If you don't have time to go through these two pages, you can read more about the different bonuses below.

How do I get the most out of my Casino Bonus?

If you want to get the most out of your casino bonus, you have to pay close attention to two things. First of all, you need to read the general conditions carefully. Secondly, a lot depends on the amount of your deposit. Are you a high roller? This allows you to get the most out of your bonus by simply depositing more money. However, often casinos have set a limit, so there is a limit on the amount that you can receive. If you plan to gamble for a substantial amount, we recommend always check how often you have to play a bonus before the bonus is paid out. If you need help to calculate your bonus amount, we recommend using our Bonus Calculator. Are you looking for the best bonus available? Search no further! CompareCasino has just scoured the net and collected the best bonuses. Tip: if you sign up through our site you will get a bigger bonus than the bonuses you'll find at the casino.

What is a progressive jackpot and how can I participate?

Progressive jackpots are a new type of slot machines that are linked to each other, resulting in a huge jackpot. What you have to remember is that different players on different slots contribute to the growth of this colossal jackpot. The payouts of progressive jackpots are huge. The advantage of the house, however, is much greater than with non-progressive jackpots. The chances of winning a progressive jackpot are therefore a lot lower than on the average slot machine. If an online casino offers progressive jackpot games, the casino in question determines the increase in prize money.

If you want to win a huge amount of money on such a slot machine, you have to bet a certain amount of credits. How much that is can vary per casino. One of the most popular progressive jackpots is the Microgaming jackpot, the Mega Moolah slot machine. Feel like playing? Then check out the CompareCasino page about progressive jackpots, where we share all the necessary information with you.

How do I win a progressive jackpot?

If you are willing to bet as much as possible, every time you press the spin button, you have a chance to win a big amount. If the progressive jackpot indicates that you can bet a maximum of 3 coins, you should always do so! 

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