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About Online Slot Games 2608

About Online Slot Games

When you think of an online casino, you automatically think of online slots. Playing online slots is very simple, fair and you are largely dependent on the luck factor. The rules of the game are straightforward because it is largely self-evident once you've wagered. The goal with online slots is to get a winning combination of symbols on one or more win lines because that can save you a lot of money!

Best Slots Casinos
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A Brief History Of Online Slots

Slots-Charles-FeyThe very first slot machine ever built was Liberty Bell, designed in 1887 Slots Charles Fey by Charles Fey. It was an enormous success and became increasingly popular in the following years. At the beginning of the 20th century, the slot machines were indispensable in the everyday life of New York. Slots soon spread to a rich future. This was due to improvements in technology which resulted in the first electronic slot machine, in 1963 and then the first video slot machine in 1996. Since then, the explosion of online slots has enriched many households.

At CompareCasino we're offering you a handy overview of the best online slot casinos. We have extensively tested the online casinos for the range of games offered, bonuses, compliance, and user experience.

What you can expect from our online slots page:

The best slots at our favorite online casinos

Online slot rules, strategy & tactics

A free online slot game guide

Online casino money management

Best Casino Bonuses On The Market

Online casinos always offer bonuses for new members. These bonuses often consist of extra money and free spins that you receive as soon as you make your first deposit. As a slot machine enthusiast, you can, therefore, benefit twice. You get both free money to bet on the slot machines and free spins that you can also use on the online slots! These welcome bonuses can go up to hundreds of euros, and the free spins too. This gives your casino experience a great start, giving you a much better chance of getting a bigger win.

 Look out for our top list for the top 10 best online slot casinos with the highest bonuses.

 Our specially selected casinos are all safe and reliable

Please note, sometimes you cannot use the free spins with every slot machine but they are limited to some favorite online slots games. Also always read the terms and conditions of the welcome bonus so that you know exactly where you stand!

Online slots

Many of you must have played on an online slot machine so you know it's not too difficult in itself. Indeed, over the years all kinds of new features, variations, and special rules have been added. That is why it is good to take a look at what you can come across in an online slot and what exactly the rules and payouts are.

Online Slots - The Basics

The basis of online slots is generally the same and has largely remained the same over the years. With every online slot machine, you have to get a number of the same symbols on the reels to form a winning combination.

On the display of the online slot machine, you will find paylines, these are lines on which the matching symbols must appear to form a winning combination. The gameplay of an online slot machine consists of selecting your bet, the number of paylines you want to play, and spinning the reels. Although the number of reels is usually three or five, the maximum number of paylines can vary greatly from slot machine to slot machine. Microgaming even has an online slots concept where you have 243 different ways to win.

3 win lines3

Wild Symbols

Just like you can use the joker as a different card to complete a combination with the 'joker' card game, you have certain Wild symbols on online slots. A Wild is simply a special symbol that can represent any other symbol and what you use to get the winning combination on the correct paylines.


On many online slots, the Wild symbols also have a multiplier effect. When you make a winning combination with the help of a Wild symbol, your winnings are also multiplied by a factor. This way you sometimes get two, three, or four times the amount to make the winning combination. Finally, Wild symbols on online slots are often used to give players access to the bonus games.

Scatter Symbols

In addition to the Wild symbol, there is another type of symbol that comes in handy when making winning combinations: the Scatter symbol. The Scatter symbol follows separate rules, as it does not necessarily have to be on the payline to be profitable. These symbols can appear anywhere on the reels to win prizes, and the more Scatters, the higher the prize.

The Scatter symbol is often used to delight the player with multipliers, Free Spins (an extra spin without cost), and access to the bonus rounds. These symbols are often strongly related to the theme of the online slot machine, such as a racing car on a Formula 1 slots.

4 symbols

Online slots strategy and useful tips

With online slots, there is little strategy involved, but that does not mean that you cannot influence the advantage of the house yourself. For example, there can be a lot of difference in the payout percentages per online slot and it is certainly worthwhile to compare the payout percentages before you make a choice.

Slot machine probability calculation is a topic that not all casino players are well aware of. To properly understand your slot machine odds and to play online slots as profitably as possible, this information is invaluable.

Winning on Slots

Slot machine probability calculation starts with a clear view of how slot machines actually work. The most important components of these games are the three or five reels with the different symbols on them.

To determine which symbols you will hit when you spin the reels, there is something called the Random Number Generator, or RNG. This will generate random number sequences and the number that is drawn at the exact moment when you press the " Spin " button is used to determine which position on the reel is chosen.

6 random number generator2

With most slot machines the odds of winning are determined so that there are 64 different positions per reel, each position is linked to a specific symbol. Your odds of emptying the jackpot are equal to the chance that you hit 1 jackpot symbol on every reel. The chance that you hit the jackpot symbol on 1 reel is therefore 1 in 64. The chance that you will see the jackpot symbol appearing on three reels is 1 in 643, which is equal to once every 262,144 times.

The Sense and Nonsense of Slot Machine Probability

Since the RNG determines which combination will happen, it is absolute nonsense to think that you have more or less chance of winning at certain moments than at other times. Every spin on the slot machine is independent of how the slot machine did it before. It is therefore not possible that a slot machine is "running hot" or that it is not intended to pay anything. It is simply wasted effort to think that a slot machine has good and bad days.

The only thing you, as a casino player, can do to increase your slot odds is to play the right slots at the right online casinos at the right time. By choosing the casinos with the best payout percentages, you can play slot machines as profitably as possible.

Long Term Strategy

The odds of winning on a slot machine are designed and adjusted in such a way that a predetermined payout percentage is achieved in the long run. The payout percentage is the part of the money that is paid back to the player. Because this percentage is always below 100%, the casino will grab a portion and turn a profit this way.

The payout percentage can vary widely and for live casinos, the legal minimum is in many cases around 75%. Practice shows that most live casinos slot machines have payout percentages of between 90% and 93%. It is certain that online casinos still offer the best online slots odds.

Online Slot Machine Odds

To be able to compete, payout percentages in online casinos are almost always above 95%. All Slots Casino, according to data checked by eCOGRA, had a payout percentage of 95.82% on their slots for the first months of 2010. All casinos that you find at CompareCasino are subject to a thorough screening and in the objective review, each casino is assessed separately for the payout percentage. Use this info and choose the casino with the best online slots odds.

Money Management at Online Slots

Money management is an important feature of effective gambling. If you go to the casino to test your luck with online slots, then you must have a plan. Even if you are not lucky on that day, the plan can still help you get the most out of it and keep your loss manageable. Read more about different casino payment methods.

Money management

Know your budget needs at slot machines, because only then can you take advantage of it.

The first step in money management at slot machines is understanding how much money you need in your budget to provide a fun gambling experience. Online slots have different payout speeds, usually from 75 percent on the low side to 99 percent on the high side.

You want the highest possible payout and the average payout is around 90 percent. This means that you can expect to lose ten cents for every euro that you throw in the machine or ten euros for every hundred euros you gamble. This is not an exact amount, but it is what you can expect over a longer period.

3 Tips for the wise management of your bankroll

  1. Never play with a larger budget than you are willing to lose!
  2. Important: Accept that you lose now and then, and try not to "neutralize" your loss by desperately betting a lot or going over your budget limit.
  3. Stop at the right time! When you have won, it is always a good time to think about whether you want to continue betting or use the money for something else.

Calculate your budget at slot machines

You now have to figure out how much you gamble per hour. If you bet an average of €100 per hour, then a budget of €200 will let you play for five to ten hours even if you have a breakdown period. If you gamble €2,000 per hour, you will need considerably more.

Remarks about money management at slot machines

It is not necessary to expect that you will lose the entire amount of your budget. Hopefully, you will win. However, the goal is to have enough money to entertain and play until you have the chance to top up that budget again.


Online Slot Variations

Almost every online casino has a very large assortment when it comes to online slots. The time that you could only play on a simple slot machine with 1 to 3 win lines is already far behind us. Nowadays you can choose from a variety of themes from well-known films and comic book heroes. With some online slots, it is also smart to read the manual first because of the many different options and extra bonus games. Online slots with 20 win lines are no longer an exception these days and also the many different extra bonus games ensure that there is something for everyone. These are the slots that you will find at online casinos these days:

- Video slots
- Classic slots
- Jackpot slots online
- Progressive jackpots
- 3D slots
- VR slots

Online Progressive Jackpot

The most popular online slots are slots that are connected to a progressive jackpot. With an online slot machine that is connected to a progressive jackpot, a part goes to the progressive jackpot with every bet. Nowadays there are a lot of online slots that are connected to a large network of different online casinos, so the progressive jackpot is not only rising very fast. The winner of such a progressive jackpot can, therefore, count on a top prize of millions of euros or dollars.

5 progressive jackpot

At CompareCasino you can not only find an overview of the most recent jackpot winners, but you can also view an overview of the state of most popular online progressive jackpots. This way, you can see at a glance which online progressive jackpot currently offers the best chance of a life-changing cash amount.

Play Online Slot Tournaments

For those who want to make things a bit more complicated but also more exciting, there are online slot machine tournaments. This means you'll play against your fellow players instead of the casino. That is the game of today, and certainly of the future. It is very pleasant and challenging to prove yourself to your fellow players.

If you play against human opponents, there will certainly be some new things. For example, you have to check how you compete before you decide how you will play the next turn.

There are times when you want to bet the maximum. In other cases, you just take the absolute minimum, while you smile and watch your opponents bet high and ruin themselves.

Register now at one of the casinos from our top list today and play the best slots within minutes! Who knows, you might grab the jackpot today!

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