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NextGen Casinos

Great Graphics | Top Level Titles to Play | See what Prizes are Available with NextGen Games | Exciting Features and Big Spins! 2020-07-31

Nextgen 860x120NextGen Gaming is often thought of as one of the newer and smaller online casino software developers. However, this is actually quite far away from the truth. The company has over 20 years of experience after being set up in 1999. It has spent its time creating and releasing video slots at a past rate. It has actually released an average of 17 a year at its current rate. This is a highly impressive feat for a company that still doesn’t have the name recognition of some of the much bigger developers on the market. For people within the industry, NextGen Gaming is extremely well respected. Of the almost 400 slot titles it has available can be played at nearly 1,000 different online casinos is testament to the hard work the company has carried out. As an Australian based company, with an office in the UK, it also strives to cater to its games to a western audience. This means that both the US and UK players are able to enjoy NextGen Gaming titles.

On this page you will learn:

  • What NextGen Gaming has to offer players
  • The top NextGen Gaming titles
  • The quality of NextGen Gaming games

What Makes NextGen Gaming Great?

  1. Lots of games available at a lot of casinos
  2. Available to players all around the world
  3. It has focused all of its energy on to video slots 
  4. The games it has can be played on all platforms

Best NextGen Gaming Games

  1. 300 Shields
  2. Merlin’s Millions
  3. Lightning Gems
  4. CasinoMeister
  5. Psycho

Quality of Software – Graphics and Sound


One of the first things that you notice with NextGem Gaming titles is that it has a very cartoony feel for a lot of its visuals. While the graphics are created in a cartoony manner, they’re still drawn to a high level. Many people think that cartoon style means low quality. NextGen Gaming proves that this isn’t the case. The artists that work here are obviously highly trained and have top-level skills.

What is also a large positive about NextGen Gaming is that it mixes up the methods that it uses to create its graphics. So, when you play one game you might see 2D, classic style sprites. The next game that you play might use fully rendered 3D graphics. This means that players are able to enjoy games that can have a classic feel or a more modern feel. Of course, NextGen doesn’t only create titles with a cartoon style, so the use of different graphical methods offers players a great range. It ensures that there is something for everyone in the NextGen Gaming range.

NextGen Gaming also has a very particular look that it uses to create the layouts for its games. This means that combined with the graphical stylings of the company, you can almost always spot a NextGen Gaming title right away. What also aids this is that NextGen doesn’t tend to be as innovative as other companies. It means that a lot of the games it puts out are rehashed versions of previous titles. This does take a little of the sheen off some of the game releases. It also makes the high number of games it has created a little bit less impressive.

New and impressive games

It does offer some innovations though. The graphics for the individual features that the company has put together are quite impressive. This makes sure that when a feature is activated it provides more than just more wins to players. The high-quality designs and animations mean that a bonus feature is an overall exciting moment. NextGen could possibly slow down its release schedule slightly in order to concentrate on innovating a little bit more, but the way that it currently works is successful so it is unlikely that it will change its business practice at this moment in time.

If you want to find the right online casino to try out some NextGen Gaming titles then our top casinos list will show you the best places to sign up to.


The sound quality is also excellent for NextGen Gaming. All of the games have sound effects and music that match up to the theme of the game. While some of the reel spins can use a generic sound, this is something that almost all video slots are guilty of. The specific sounds that are included are on the whole absolutely superb. 

In general, NextGen Gaming gives players good quality graphics and sounds that add to the feel of the game. This is all you really need from a video slot and makes sure that players are fully immersed when playing a NextGen Gaming title. 

Safety and Security with NextGen Gaming

NextGen Gaming has put in a lot of different measures to make sure that it keeps players safe and secure when playing. The first big step that it has taken is to provide encryption within its software. This is something that most regulatory licenses require in order for software developers to adhere to legislation. So, while it might be self-preservation of NextGen Gaming to provide this service, it also means that players are protected because of it. The encryption makes sure that player data is protected when playing NextGen Gaming titles. It’s an extremely important aspect because any data that is intercepted will be useless to hackers due to the encryption that’s in place.

The Random Number Generators that NextGen Gaming uses to power its titles are also audited on a regular basis. The RNG powers all of the complex mathematics that are behind how the video slots work. If it wasn’t truly random then online casinos could use this to manipulate how the game plays and therefore not treat players fairly. By getting the RNG outputs audited, it means that firstly, NextGen gaming titles are checked over to make sure that they are behaving fairly and secondly, NextGen Gaming has nothing to hide.

Worldwide Licenses

Because NextGen Gaming is in operation at a large number of different online casinos, across lots of countries, it means that it has to conform to a lot of different rules. This flexibility and ability to do what is required in different jurisdictions shows that NextGen Gaming takes the safety of its players very seriously.

NextGen Gaming has also put a lot of effort into getting regulated. It has a lot of different licenses from a number of different jurisdictions. All of these mean that not only is NextGen Gaming trusted all across the world, it’s also capable of conforming to the rules when it needs to. This gives players trust in the company but also makes sure that players are kept safe and treated fairly when playing NextGen Gaming titles.

NextGen Gaming Jackpots

NextGen Gaming tends to have a relatively standard selection of payouts available for players. Most of the games that are available tend to have a low to medium variance and payouts of between 500 and 2,000 times the player stake. There are some games that have a higher variance and give out slightly higher payouts to players. Some titles have a payout as big as 5,000 times the player stake. 

NextGen Gaming doesn’t have the ability for players to enjoy a progressive jackpot slot. This is a slightly letdown as progressive jackpot games can often give players access to some incredible wins. It does make up for this somewhat with the title Medusa Megaways. This game offers players a maximum win of up to 50,000 times their stake. So while it doesn’t have wins that can get as high as some of the progressive jackpot games out there, it still offers a win that is significantly higher than most other standard video slot games on the market. 

Overall, the payouts for NextGen Gaming are in line with what the market offers. The lack of progressive jackpot is slightly limiting, but the impressive jackpot that Medusa Megaways offers is a very big positive.

NextGen Gaming FAQs


    No. NextGen Gaming focuses its entire energy on creating video slot titles. This means that it doesn’t have any other types of games in its roster. It does mean that NextGen is able to focus on creating the best video slot titles possible and becoming a specialist, but at the same time, it would be nice to see what it could do in other genres.

    Yes, it does. NextGen Gaming allows players to try demo versions of its games. There might be restrictions depending on the country you live in and the casino that you play at. However, as long as there are no restrictions in place for either of these then you will be able to play a NextGen Game without risking any real money. You can learn more about free to play versions of games at our detailed free slots guide.

    It does indeed. NextGen Gaming has a range of different licenses in place. This is to make it easy for online casinos that are located in different countries to offer NextGen games. It also has the added bonus of providing extra levels of security to NextGen Gaming titles.