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Online Sic Bo

The best online Sic Bo guide on the internet!

When it comes to dice games, few are as distinctive and well-known as Online Sic Bo. Sic Bo Online is not only easy to play, but the fact you can win with almost every roll of the prominent three dice means that few people don’t like this often underrated game. Unlike some casino games that you have to plan and have a serious strategy, you can earn serious money with Sic Bo from the first time you take a seat at the table. This is because apart from the fact that Sic Bo is almost entirely based on luck, the game is fast-paced. Sic Bo also appeals to both the fanatic Craps fans (the two games are regularly compared) and fans of Roulette.

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Online Sic Bo

The table layout

Sic Bo is unique in its appearance. This makes it very easy to recognize when compared to other table games. Although many of the European table games that can be found in casinos have a green or blue felt surface, Sic Bo uses bright colors in the form of red and yellow. It also has a black and white, rectangular betting area made from plastic or glass. Players are allowed to place bets by placing their chips on the numbers they think have the biggest chance of showing up.

The corresponding sections will then light up from below when the game round ends, showing the winning bets to the players. The chips used by players are placed on piles in the groves. Often, the table has leather or wooden edges and is incredibly easy to understand. You can also find a board with the table limits on it, a rack for the dealer’s chips (or the bank’s chips), the extremely important three dice – without which no game can be played – and a ‘cage’ or a shaker. The chips that belong to the lost bets are collected from the unlit parts of the table.

How do you play online Sic Bo?

As already mentioned, Sic Bo is played with three dice, and the most important rule of the game is that the dice are rolled simultaneously. The player’s job is to place his bets on the numbers he thinks are going to be rolled. This can be done by placing the chips on the corresponding area of the Sic Bo table. After the last bets have been placed, the dealer takes a small box with the dice, which he closes and then shakes. Finally, the dealer opens the box to reveal what has been rolled this time. Alternatively, at many modern brick and mortar casinos, dealers have a glass dome shaker on a vibrating platform that starts shaking when the dealer presses the corresponding button. When the shaking stops, the dealer will read the rolled dice combination out loud. As with Roulette, every Sic Bo bet has different payouts based on varying odds and the player can place as many bets as he wants.

But isn’t Sic Bo the same as Craps?

Even though many people make this comparison, the reality is that the only similarity between Sic Bo and Craps is they are both dice games. Also, they are the dice games found in the casino. However, unlike Craps, Sic Bo is primarily a game of luck, because, with every throw of the three dice, a bet is won or lost. In the Craps world, a strategy is required by the player and things are far less straightforward to determine if a bet is won or lost.

Play Sic Bo online – it’s in the dice (and the random number generator)

Even though we repeatedly said this on Compare Casino, many people still don’t do the necessary homework and don’t check whether a casino site has a Random Number Generator (all casinos that we have included in our top list do have this). The reality is that without the Random Number Generator, which can guarantee the fairness of the game, the game is unlikely to be trusted.

A Random Number Generator is very important for every casino game you play, but especially when it comes to games such as Sic Bo. You must ensure your luck isn’t checked by someone in a suit with an overweight wallet. The first thing we need to consider here is the incredibly important house edge that – when it comes to Sic Bo – ranges from 2.78% on small – to 18.98% on big bets, on three total bets of nine and twelve. Of course, we at Compare Casino prefer not to leave anything to pure coincidence, that’s why we have compiled a list of the different types of house edges that belong to various specific bets, along with a clear overview of the corresponding payouts. This way, you will soon be able to enjoy playing a game of Sic Bo Online with the right prior knowledge. The reality is payouts can vary considerably in brick and mortar casinos and thanks to this small fact the house edge does that too. A small tip for the international high rollers who like to travel to the casinos in Macau to gamble is that these casinos usually have a much worse house edge for Sic Bo players. You should see this as a small gift from them to you because they are the first suppliers of Sic Bo to the rest of the world. Below you will find the payouts and the house edges that you can usually find online:

From these numbers alone, you can see small or large bets are by far the best bets a player can make since the house edge is only 2.78%. It means you have a much better chance of winning, and to win big. Of course, if you get bored of betting on small or big bets, you can always place a bet on a single number, as they also have a 1: 1 payout (even though the house edge for this bet is quite high with 7.87%). That said, when it comes to Sic Bo Online, part of the excitement can be found in betting on specific triples and pushing your luck to its limit. The reward for a successful bet on specific triples can result in a hefty payout of 180-1 and even the three total numbers of 4 and 17 offer big payouts of up to 60-1.

Online Sic Bo: Variances

They say that every big casino game has a lot of imitations and variations. Sic Bo is no different in that matter, because the Grand Hazard, as well as the Chuck-a-Luck, find their origin in Sic Bo Online:

Grand Hazard: Not to be confused with the game Hazard, is a gambling game with an ancient English origin played with two dice instead of three. Grand Hazard is also of English origin but distinguishes itself by the fact it’s played with three dice. The three dice are thrown using either a cup or a sleeve consisting of several sloping surfaces with the appropriate name “hazard chute”. The hazard chute functions by turning the dice while they fall. If Lady Luck is kind enough to treat a lucky player to a three of a kind (also known as ruffles), the payout will be an extraordinary 180-1.

Chuck-a-Luck: Despite the big difference in the name, Chuck-a-Luck, also known as “sweat cloth”,” chuckerluck “and ‘birdcage’, is an American version of the one just discussed in Grand Hazard. In Chuck-a-Luck, the three dice are kept in a cage with an hourglass shape that resembles a birdcage in bars and can move in the middle. Chuck-a-Luck has the distinctive feature you can bet on it with a few numbers, but sometimes you can make an extra bet for making a “triple” (all three dice numbers the same) with odds of around 30 to 1. Although it used to be common in Nevada casinos, Chuck-a-Luck has now largely been replaced by Sic Bo.

Sic Bo history:

Just like Keno, Sic Bo finds its roots in Asia (the old China to be exact) and was known as Tai Sai or Dai Su, which can be translated to ‘Big and Small’ or ‘Hi-Lo’. While Sic Bo has been very popular throughout Asia and is played in the casinos of Macau (the online place where gambling is legal in China), it’s less played in the United States. It was introduced at the start of the 20th century and became legal in the casinos when it was granted a license in the UK in May 2002. Despite the late arrival on the British islands, the arrival of Sic Bo led to variances such as Grand Hazard and Chuck-a-Luck, which are from English descent. The literal meaning of Sic Bo is ‘valuable dices’.

The only way to play is the Sic Bo way!

If you are bored at watching the spinning Roulette but have the feeling that craps is taking too much of your mental effort, why don’t you try dice and try your luck with Sic Bo Online? Not only does this exciting and rapid game require little mental effort, but it also combines bets and the dice action you can’t find at Craps with the pure joy of Roulette. The reality is so many people are attracted to this game because Sic Bo is so easy and simple to play online for real money. The only thing that the player has to decide is what kind of bet he wants to make and choose the same bet on the virtual table. After this happens, it’s all a matter of waiting to see the results of the dice. If your numbers show up, you will go home with loads of money. The advantages of playing Sic Bo Online can be summarized with the following sentences:

There are only a few obstacles in the learning curve with Sic Bo, which means you can directly start playing without any delays!

When you play Sic Bo Online, you are the master of the dices, which means that you can ROCK and ROLL!

When you play Sic BO Online, there is no minimum amount you have to bet, which means you can play with as little as you like. You can also play the game for free if that tickles your fantasy. The best way to start a casino game is to do exactly that.

The best online casinos for Sic Bo

Here at CompareCasino we already did the heavy lifting for you, which means it’s not necessary to leave this site to start playing and winning! All the casinos in our top list have been specially selected on their amazing bonuses and solid reputation so that you can fully enjoy nothing but the best. So sit back, pour yourself a glass of wine, browse through our specially selected list of treasures and choose the best Sic Bo online casino that you can find. You will certainly not regret it! Have fun.

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