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UK Online Casinos

Why you should try a wager

There's never a better time than now, which is why you should give online casinos in the United Kingdom a chance now. Gambling online has been steadily gaining popularity ever since the conception of the internet. True, the appeal of land-based casinos is undeniable; the thrill, the buzz, some aspects of real casinos cannot be beaten. However, online casinos have some 21st-century advantages. In this article, you can discover what these advantages are, where to look for in a new online casino, and we will list you some of the most prominent online casinos which are open right now for your entertainment.

Betting at UK online casinos, what does it mean

Great Britain was always heaven when it came to sports betting. With a bookmaker on every street corner, placing a wager on a match could be done from anywhere. Casinos didn't necessarily have that advantage, heavily depending on city regulation and density. When the parliament introduced the Gambling Act 2005, accessibility of casinos skyrocketed. Making online gambling legal gave way to a massive selection of online casinos for all punters.

Now, the dust has settled, and you can quickly separate the good from the bad. Online betting sites can be adequately judged by looking at the payment methods, slots/games variety, customer service, etc. Providers of online casinos are always looking to expand their player-base, and this means serious bonuses when you sign up, promotions that make you stay longer are continually updating and expanding.

Great news for the new player looking for a casino or a veteran improving his knowledge of the scene because this piece explains everything you need to know about the British online casino-world.

Advantages of the UK online casino market

  • Fully legal gambling 

  • UK-friendly customer service

  • All the UK-favourite games

  • Quick and secure payment methods 

The best online casinos in the UK

On this page, you can find an overview of the most excellent online UK casinos. That way, you can quickly see which UK casino offers the best bonuses and how we review them. Use our knowledge to your advantage and boost your understanding of the current online casino market.

What makes a UK casino great?

  • Fully regulated and completely safe

A common misconception about online casinos is that people think they lack proper security. Ever since online casinos got legalised in 2005, strict security matters were put in place to guarantee the privacy of your data as well as your online wallet. Payment methods that provide insurance add another layer of security. 

  • Payment through the best banking methods

The wide array of possibilities in banking methods makes sure that your preferred option is there. Paypal, Neteller, Skrill are the most popular ones, but if your preference lies in a more old-fashioned method like credit/debit card or money transfers, most online casinos tend to offer those too. Mobile payment is readily available as well with Boku, which allows you to safely and securely pay through your mobile phone.

  • World-class customer service

The largest market for online gambling is right here, in the UK. This reputation is mostly based on the fantastic customer service offered by most online casinos. You will find multiple ways to contact support systems, through chat, email, calls, and extensive FAQ-lists which guide you through any problems you encounter.

The latest games at your fingertips

Online UK casinos are famed for their revolutionary new games. Unique games like monopoly and deal or no deal are among the latest additions. Due to the introduction of live online gambling and the latest software, you can now play these awesome games at many different casinos. Step into the role of a player and place a wager, or bet on another player reaching far in your favourite games. The options are seemingly limitless. 

Live games which are shot in the UK have the added benefit of being familiar. Hearing the croupier talk in your accent and show some banter bring an additional appeal to the table. Also, live games are online 24/7, give you the opportunity to opt-in for a gamble any time of the day.

Slots deserve a mention in this category as well. Not only has the slot-market grown to immense proportions, but the innovative formula of new slots also needs to be looked at. Jackpot games are reaching prizes high in the millions, and slots display captivating features that keep you entertained for hours on end. Slots are a must-try for the up and coming gambler!

The ease and comfort

Sitting in your chair at home, riding on the tube, wherever you are, you have the option to bet. All the top online casinos feature a mobile application besides their browser version. There are even some dedicated mobile online casinos. Mobile apps are adaptable to your phone or tablet size, and we notice more and more compatibility with every device. 

Couple this with the 24/7 availability of all the casinos and you see why the online casino business in the UK is booming. Accounts easily link between your devices and your wallet is always safe, no matter which medium you use. You can find mobile applications on both the Apple and Android store, or use your browser on your phone if you don't want to download anything.

Bonuses and promotions

Online Casinos in the UK are always looking for more players. Both in their own country and abroad. Being the largest gambling market attracts many players across the globe, which means more money circulating in the industry. Because of this, the promotions and bonuses offered at online casinos are mouth-watering. Welcome bonuses including free money to spend on many different games are everywhere, and promotions that provide cash-back or deposit bonuses are also commonly found. 

Shopping around for the most exceptional deal is standard practice, and you can always sign up for more than just one online casino. Take a look at some of the finest welcome bonuses with our links at CompareCasino, and make the best use of these incredible offers.

UK online casinos and live dealers

Another good reason to play at UK online casinos is the latest addition of playing live casino games. Live games are an option if you are looking for the most realistic gambling experience. One that is not very far from the real thing at a land-based casino. From a studio somewhere in Great Britain, several dealers and their tables are live-streamed to your device of choice. They play with real cards, real tables and real chips. Classics like blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker can be played here. Like we mentioned earlier, some of the latest innovations like monopoly and deal or no deal are now also an option.

It feels just like playing from, but then from the comfort of your own home. You will hear native English speakers, and this makes it feel even more like a real casino. If you don't know this phenomenon yet, we highly recommend you giving it a spin. Virtual reality is the cutting edge technology in the live casino, giving you the full experience of a casino, 360 degrees on your VR-set or even your phone

Why UK online casinos rule over any other?

Online casinos in Great Britain are renowned around the world for their top-notch entertainment. Other European online casinos lack the player base and the range of games that are on offer 24/7 at UK casinos. Americans have just legalised the industry and are basing quite a bitzof their software on the look and feel of the online casinos you can find here. 

Payment methods are precise and give you ample opportunity to transfer funds in any way you want. While your online wallet is kept secure, any struggles you might have are quickly solved by the capable customer services. Through whatever medium, you can reach these services. 

Fun is right here at your fingertips, at any time of the day and any place: endless slots, table games, live games and novelty competitions. UK online casinos have proven their superiority of all the other online casinos across the globe. Go, play now!

UK online casino FAQ

How can I win at online casinos?

Most people who make money at casinos do so over a long period, however, it is possible to win some huge sums of money quickly. These vast sums of money are generally won at progressive slots, as the jackpots at progressive slots can be worth millions. The basic rule at casinos is this though: the higher the RTP (return to player rate) of a game, the more chance you have of making money. Take a gander at our strategies to perfect your style and make real profits!

Can I play live games on mobile?

Many online casinos offer players the opportunity to play live casino games using a mobile device; however, they look best when using a desktop. If you want to play using a mobile though, make sure you are connected to a stable internet connection, as they won't work well on a low-quality 3G connection.

With which game should I begin playing?

All casino games have their own advantages and appeal. Starting you could play more games which you are already familiar with. This will get you used to the interface of the casino, making you feel more comfortable going into new games. If you are not used to any casino games, slots have a low learning curve, so begin with those!

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