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Free Video Poker, test your game knowledge and create the best strategy for this awesome card game. Become a pro at online video poker! Try it here now!
Free Video Poker

Free Video Poker

Free video poker

Free video poker is one of our favorite casino games. Thanks to our video poker game below, you can play as much free poker as you want! So get ready and let the cards fly across the screen!

Play video poker here for free

If you know how to play regular poker, you probably also know how to play free online video poker. The rules are simple: you get five cards and you need to get the best possible poker hand. You can change as many of the five original cards as you want – it can’t be any easier! However, if you want to win at video poker you need to dig a little deeper.

Some useful tips for free online video poker.

The best games are always on our site, as we do our best to show you the best free casino games. Do you want to take your chance at a real casino? Then go to one of the casinos in our list and register yourself. It’s easy to create an account, once you do, just follow the instructions to make your first deposit. Do you want to know which casinos give you the best welcome bonus? Then go to this page. For the rest, we recommend you always play with a feasible plan, have a strategy at the ready, and, above all, enjoy the great casino games!

A Basic Strategy For Free Video Poker

Strategies for video poker are essential. Strategies are often calculated to tell you which games are best according to the percentages in different situations. In other free poker games, the percentages have already been calculated for you.

Online casinos earn money with video poker on players that are recklessly playing for the big hands. These players do not watch their odds. Make sure you don’t become one of those players. You can find online guides with correct strategies. You need to have these within reach while you play to make sure you play the lowest house advantage possible. Of course, if you play for free, you can also refuse to take probability calculations without losing money – but what about your self-esteem?

Video Poker Strategy

The best free video poker games

Your best chances in online video poker will come from the games with the most generous payouts. You can learn on the internet what the pay tables should be for any type of online video poker.

The payouts for a flush and a full house show the payout opportunities. In a typical ‘Jacks or Better’ game, the standard payout offers you 6 coins for a flush and 9 coins for a full house. These are the so-called 9/6 machines. Other free online poker games can have different payouts.

Progressive Jackpots Explained

The progressive jackpot doesn’t have a fixed amount. Anybody that is playing on the video poker machine is connected to the jackpot and is essentially contributing to the overall jackpot. The jackpot amount continues to grow until someone wins it. The jackpot can grow into a five or six-figure sum very quickly depending on how much people put into the machine, but of course, winning is hard. To have a chance at winning the progressive jackpot, you need to play with five full coins (or more if it’s a machine that accepts more than five coins at once) per round. Also, what you win depends on how many are playing and the jackpot amount assumed. For example, if you get a straight or royal flush, you’ll win a portion of the jackpot, or perhaps even the entire amount. Again, it depends on several factors.

However, winning the jackpot in a free online video poker game can be the downside of playing free internet poker games!

Progressive jackpot

Why Play Free Online Video Poker?

This is a valid question, especially if you’re on a winning streak and you end up with nothing in terms of money when the game ends. However, that isn’t the purpose of free poker. Free online video poker is meant for people that do not want to play for money or want a relaxed way of playing (i.e. no risk of losing money). Free video poker offers a lot of excitement because you’re still playing with the possibility of winning. However, that win is ‘the honor’ and not a jackpot. Besides, playing free online video poker can be extremely useful for poker players who want to try out a new betting system or strategy, but don’t want to risk losing money on it.

The third reason is that it’s the perfect way for online gamblers to dip their feet into the water without knowing too much about it. Free online video poker is no different than the version where you put actual money in, except that you won’t become richer if you win. However, the experience and knowledge you get are worth as much, because you’ll be able to afford blunders. Getting this experience can earn you a lot of money in the long-term. Also, for players who have never played poker before, trying it for free can let them understand the rules of the game. You can even try different betting strategies to understand all the tricks of online video poker when you play for the real deal.

Play And Enjoy At Our Online Casinos

After reading this page we hope that we gave you enough information so you can play in an online casino and hopefully win money. Whatever game you play at Compare Casino, you can find all the explanations, strategies, and tips to raise your bank account. We are always happy to help if you need some assistance.

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