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Live Studio Wheel Games Casino Guide

There is a growing interest in the live casino because of the feeling of being in an actual casino lobby that it offers players. The number of live casino games is on a steady increase, and one genre that has piqued our interest recently is the live studio wheel games. Dream Catcher, Crazy Time, Monopoly Live, and Spin A Win are some of the big wheelers available at the live casino. If you are hearing about these games for the first time, you have come to the absolute best place because we are going to be diving real deep into how to play these games, what they offer, and how they compare with other popular live studio games.

live wheel

A Brief Recap of The Live Casino

Before digging into the juicy stuff, let's take a quick recap of the live casino. The live casino is a product of the online casino and the advancement in information technology. The first games broadcast were live roulette and live blackjack, and as the excitement surrounding live gaming grew, baccarat, craps, and poker were introduced as well. With more games joining in, the live casino remained open for longer. From limited gaming hours at inception, we now have non-stop opportunities with live studios running all day long. Top providers like Evolution gaming broadcast from eight studios in various locations around the globe.

So, anytime you log on to the top online casino sites, you will find a table waiting for you to join in. A cheerful dealer who appears on the monitor welcomes you to the game, and through the chatbox, you can communicate with the dealer and other players taking part. The live casino successfully merges the online casino with the brick and mortar setting, and the benefits range from the traditional gaming experience to bonuses and promos, and fantastic payouts.

Wheel Games at The Live Studio

Besides the roulette wheel, there are several other wheeled games at the live casino. These games come in different styles and designs, and the wheel positions vary as well. Some wheels are placed on a table similar to roulette, and others are set in an upright position like those you would find in a game show setting. They also feature a betting table or poker chips that you use to place bets before spinning the wheel. Cash prizes and other rewards are determined by where the wheel stops. The modes of play for wheel games are very similar. Bets payout accordingly, and you can choose to bet on a single number or group of numbers, such as even/odd, high/low.

For the most part, wheel games are based on chance, so strategy isn't as effective as in blackjack or poker. Because there is limited skill required, anyone can quickly understand how to play wheeled games without any prior knowledge. Nonetheless, players can still employ betting strategies if they wish.

Monopoly Live

This game is one of the titles by live casino trailblazer, Evolution Gaming. If you're familiar with the 1970s game show, Wheel of Fortune, you will definitely love playing this one. Taking a combined inspiration from the game show and the famous board game franchise by the same name, Monopoly Live is recognizable and, at the same time, unique in its own right. The game features a giant wheel with a Monopoly-themed cityscape as the backdrop in a mix of real-life and augmented reality.

There are 54 segments that each contain one of the following:

  •  1

  •  2

  •  5

  •  10

  •  2 ROLLS

  •  4 ROLLS

  •  Chance

How to Play

A winning bet on any of the numbers, 1, 2, 5, or 10, will get a corresponding multiplier payout.

A winning bet on 2 ROLLS or 4 ROLLS will activate the 'BONUS GAME.' The bonus game is a 3D augmented reality game round in the world of MR. MONOPOLY, and it offers the chance to collect numerous prizes and multipliers as you walk through the town.

Finally, a winning bet on the Chance segment presents you with a Chance card, given by MR. MONOPOLY himself. The card will contain either a cash prize or a multiplier bonus. For the latter, the croupier will spin the wheel again, and the multiplier will be applied to the outcome. The game's RTP is 96.23%, and you can bet on more than one outcome.

To try out Monopoly Live, visit Bob casino and join Bob's Live Tournament for a share of the fantastic prize pool.

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is the original casino wheeled game that isn't a table game. Evolution Gaming first released it in 2018. A lot of the wheel games available today are variants, or should we say, spin-offs of Dream Catcher.

How To Play

The gameplay doesn't get any simpler. The host spins the wheel, and you have to bet on the segment you think the wheel will land. Any winning bet pays out a corresponding ratio of the number where the wheel stops. For example, if it lands on 1, you get your stake back plus a profit of 1x the amount. If it lands on 5, you get your stake back plus a profit of 5x the amount, and so on.

A winning bet on a bonus multiplier segment prompts the host to spin the wheel again. The multiplier is then applied to the new outcome. The potential for big wins in this game is enormous because multipliers are cumulative. If you were to land a 7x multiplier three consecutive times, that would raise it to 343x, and a 40x multiplier on top of that would take it even higher to 13,720. Frankly, it would require quite a bit of luck for that to happen, but in theory, you could win up to 500,000 on a single spin. And that is a much bigger jackpot than is available on other casino games.

Crazy Time

One of Evolution's latest releases is a massive wheel that features an array of bright and colorful segments with four amazing bonus rounds available on each spin. The wheel is massive, and the frequency of hitting the bonus round is once every six turns. The graphics on this game are revolutionary and make for an entertainment-filled gaming experience like no other.

How To Play

There are eight different bets to choose from:

  • 1

  • 2

  • 5

  • 10

  • Coin flip

  • Pachinko

  • Cash Hunt

  • Crazy Time

The numbers multiply your stake, and the remaining four segments are the four bonus rounds. Every bonus round has a distinct theme and special features. Whenever the wheel lands on a bonus game, players who have placed a bet on it can participate, and those who haven't can only spectate. With an RTP of 95.50%, it is high volatility, but that means profits can shoot through the roof on a lucky spin. Play Crazy Time at N1 casino and take advantage of the amazing welcome package.

Spin A Win

Spin A Win was developed by one of the oldest casino game developers, Playtech, and provides an added twist to the classic money wheel game. The standout feature here is the presence of side bets. You can wager on the wheel landing on:

  •  Even numbers

  •  Odd numbers

  •  Multipliers

The background of this live wheel lottery game is very disco, with lots of neon lights, and the betting options are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

spin win

How To Play

Even with the addition of side bets, the gameplay is still very straightforward. Wager on any of the numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40, or the side bets and receive a payout if it's a winner.

A winning bet on a multiplier triggers a second spin and multiplies the subsequent outcome.

How Wheel Games Compare to Other Live Casino Games

The initial idea behind money wheel games was to attract slot fans to the live casino, as slot machines are mechanical by nature. But these games have become more than just a substitute for slots. From the huge potential win in Dream Catcher to Monopoly Live's aesthetic brilliance, wheeled games have a unique quality like no other. The RTP percentages for the best wheel games hover at the 96% mark. It is not as favorable as the low edge roulette games, but the presence of slot style mini-games and multipliers make for some very hefty payouts.

Money wheel games are playable with the best online casino bonuses and are also compatible with mobile viewing. They have certainly carved a nice niche for themselves and are now a staple at the online casino.

Live Studio Wheel Games FAQ

  1. Where is the studio for the live casino located?

Several live studios around the world that broadcast casino games and some developers operate from more than one studio. For instance, Evolution has studios in Malta, Latvia, Georgia, Romania, Canada, Belgium, Spain, and New Jersey, USA.

  1. Which live studio wheel game is the best?

Money wheel games at the live casino are very similar in regards to gameplay and payouts. The only significant difference is the display and number of bonus games, so choosing the best is a matter of personal preference.

  1. What is the difference between the money wheel and the roulette wheel?

The roulette wheel is the first-ever wheeled game. It is much smaller than the money wheel and has a lower house edge. The money wheel features multipliers and bonus games similar to those found in slot machines and provides fewer betting options than the roulette wheel.