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Why Play Live Casinos?

Live casino games are played using video and audio communication systems where you get to see and hear the human dealers as they shuffle, deal, and manage the entire online live casino game. Players visit their favorite online casino platform, log in to their accounts and join in on their favorite games.

The online casino became a convenient gaming solution as the virtual equivalent of the physical establishments. However, despite the convenience of remote gaming, players often commented on the lack of authenticity on the online casino. And that was the genesis of the live casino that we will be discussing in this feature. Created to bridge the gap, the reasons to play at the live casino will combine online and offline gaming benefits.

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The Live Dealer

Before delving into the reasons you should play at the live casino, we would like to highlight a few essential aspects of the live dealer. Live dealers are actually the major difference between both kinds of casinos because they are the only human factors you can see. It is the dealer that manages the whole gaming table online, the same way the croupier would in a land-based casino.

The dealer welcomes you to the game when you join in, and with the chat function, you get to interact in real-time. Rest assured that the video feeds are live and not pre-recorded, which means you can communicate with the dealer as the game proceeds. Real-life dealers are well trained to operate live casinos in a professional and friendly manner, and they also help in situations where the players require assistance regarding the game.

You can ask the dealer to hit or stand on a specific round just as you would in a land-based casino. If the sophistication of the brick and mortar setting is of any interest to you, you will be glad to know that live casino dealers exude just as much elegance as they do in a physical gaming lobby.

Reasons Why You Should Play At Live Casinos

1. The Best Live Games

The staples at the live casino are:

  • Blackjack

  • Roulette

  • Poker

  • Baccarat

These games have several variants and are provided by the top software developers in the industry. The professional croupiers who handle the tables make the experience even more wholesome.

However, the range of software on the live casino is not limited to only table games. There are a lot of wheel games that attract slot enthusiasts to visit the live casino. Common options include, 

  • Dream Catcher

  • Monopoly Live 

  • Crazy Time, and more.

Wheeled games are similar to slots in the fact that they include elements of augmented reality. For example, Monopoly Live by Evolution Gaming features a bonus round where players have to collect rewards in a 3D animated setting. The game collection may not be as vast as the online casino, but the thrill of the live casino is unmatched. Rizk Casino offers some of the most exciting live casino wheel games.

2. Convenience

Every casino player will agree that driving for hours to the nearest casino establishment can be a hassle. While you might be willing to do that and more just to enjoy your top games in an authentic setting, it is much better to have the best live gaming options made available at the click of a button. Besides, you can save those hours that would have been spent on the road and channel them to more gaming.

3. Live Blackjack Strategies

Certain game strategies require the utmost concentration for you to apply them successfully. One of such strategies is card counting for blackjack. Card counting is an advanced game strategy where, with the number of decks in mind, players keep count of every card that is dealt to increase the probability of knowing whether the next card to be drawn will be a high or low number. 

If you think it's complicated, you are right. A single miscount is enough to throw you off your game completely, and considering the rowdy nature of the land-based casino, even seasoned pros will falter. 

The live casino offers the perfect setting for players willing to try out the card counting strategy. The pace of live casino blackjack is slow, and the calm environment makes it all the more convenient to finally beat the house edge.

4. No RNGs Are Involved

When you see the live dealer hit that 5 to get a perfect blackjack, you are sure that it was a case of sheer luck because you witnessed every move from the shuffling to the dealing to the drawing of subsequent cards.

If an online casino blackjack game were to play out in the same way, you would most likely doubt the randomness of that result. Even though random number generators are regularly audited, they are still computer programs, and the results can be manipulated. So playing at the live casino is the most convenient way to ensure fair gaming.

5. Chat With Other Players

The croupier is not the only one you can communicate with when playing at the live casino. You cannot see other players but can communicate with them through the chat function as well.

6. Live Casino Rewards

Many of the top live casinos give credits and other prizes to players regularly. In other words, anytime you visit the live casino, you stand a chance to receive special bonuses or points. Points are redeemable when you reach a specific limit. Then, you can convert them to their real money equivalents and cash out.

Some live casinos offer a double bonus for the first real money deposit. If your first deposit were to be $500, the double bonus would award you another $500, making it $1000. These types of juicy offers never fail to attract lots of people to play online.

7. Live Tournaments

The tournaments offered by the live casino are some of the most lucrative you will find. Because of the number of players taking part, prize pools are often massive. The casino usually only accepts participants who are existing customers and who have a betting record at the live casino already. Live tournaments are skilled competitions, so players are expected to have reasonable playing skills before they can join in. Join Bob’s Live Tournament at Bob Casino now for a chance to win $1,500 every four days.

8. Game History

Players often lose count of their wins and losses, and without proper bankroll management, this can be very detrimental. With daily logins, your gaming history is recorded on the casino's network, which helps you settle your checks and balances.

You also get the chance to review your performance, try other strategies, or maybe set your sights on other games. Such reports will usually be listed on your dashboard.

9. Social Distancing

Not everyone is an extrovert, and some players are averse to the hustle and bustle of the land-based casino. If you are one such player, the live casino offers you the opportunity to enjoy traditional gaming without going out of your comfort zone.

Summary Of The Live Casino Benefits

  • You can play the best games in a live studio setting

  • You can play remotely, so you don't need to plan a trip to a land-based casino

  • You play with real cards and human dealers

  • You almost feel as if you were in a traditional casino

  • The slower speed of play enables you to implement strategies better

  • The live casino deposits your winnings directly into your account


It was not too long ago when your only option of enjoying a live dealer game was by queuing up for your turn at an already crowded table. In a noisy atmosphere surrounded by lots of slot machine jingles, you would often get thrown off your game. Even worse is the risk of being robbed of your wallet amidst all the chaos.

There is absolutely no need for all of that when you can sit in the comfort of your tranquil abode and play your favorite live features as you finally perfect that game strategy.

Playing on the go is even more satisfying. With your mobile phone or tablet, you can log into the casino while seated on the bus or train, strolling along the park, or on a break from work.

Live Casino FAQs

  1. What happens if the internet connection is weak?

Whenever you experience poor connection, simply wait for the connection to finish buffering and continue playing. Don't worry about losing your money; you should continue with the credits you had once the network picks up.

  1. How do I place bets on the live casino?

On your screen, you will see a betting table with the betting options available. All you need to do when the betting window opens is click on the bet you want and place a stake. The dealer will see your bets on the monitor and place the appropriate cards and chips.

  1. Why does the live casino have higher minimum bets?

The live casino sets higher minimum bets because it is a lot more expensive to maintain than the online casino. The human and machine elements employed include the croupiers, the cameraman, the gaming tables, gaming wheels, and so on.