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Live Tournaments

World-famous live game tournaments like the WSOP have been around for many years and welcome hundreds of players from across the globe. The reasons players love these tournaments are numerous, but the instant cash prizes are incentive enough. Thanks to the live casino, you can now participate in a host of tournaments and competitions without the need to travel miles to an actual lobby. Live game tournaments add an extra dash of flavor for the competitive gamer, with an exciting mix of the traditional experience spiced up with the wonders of technology, all in the comfort of your home.

live tournaments

How Live Tournaments Work

Live tournaments are competitions that pit the best and most experienced players against each other in a battle to the death, figuratively of course. Less seasoned players can join in as well, as long as they have a valid live casino account and good knowledge of game rules. In live tournaments, players get a limited amount of time to test their luck against fellow participants. Whoever wins the highest number of rounds, makes the highest earnings or gets the highest game points, wins.

You can easily join any of our live tournaments today. To join a live casino tournament, you will have to buy-in or pay an entrance fee. Tournaments also have rules and regulations guiding them, and here are a couple of useful tips to keep in mind:

  • Read the game rules for betting limits, betting window restrictions, mode of elimination, etc.

  • Go through the terms and conditions for participating in the live tournament

  • Pay attention to the excluded bets

  • Make sure you are present at the live casino before the game begins

  • Only place real money bets

  • Contact customer support for clarity on any aspect you don't fully understand

Sometimes, players get eliminated in stages. Other times, a final tally is taken at the end to determine who receives a share of the prize money.

The Live tournament Timeline

Casino tournaments always have a timeline. These events are not planned on a whim, and putting a live tournament together can take up to several months. Because of the amount of money and effort put into organizing these events, there are many promoting and marketing schemes required to create awareness and ensure its success. Casinos feature special offers and promos in the weeks leading up to the D-day and this serves to increase the participant pool further. Some casinos only accept players that join in through the promotions page, so existing customers are the most likely to be chosen for such events.

All live tournaments do not follow the same arrangement, and there are two distinctions based on the setting:

Sit-and-Go Tournaments

With sit-and-go tournaments, the casino does not set a specific time for the event to start. Instead, players are allowed to buy-in, and the event commences whenever the minimum quota for the participant pool is reached. As the game progresses, those who run out of chips are disqualified. There are numerous tables in play, and active players will be moved between tables until it is down to the final showdown. This is not a closed-off tournament, so players can always join in after the games have begun.

sitgo tounrnament

Scheduled Tournaments

This is basically the opposite of the sit-and-go style tournament. These events have a predetermined date and time, and you need to register before you can participate. The moment a scheduled tournament begins, fresh players are barred from entering. Scheduled tournaments are spread over several weeks or even months, so they tend to last much longer than sit-and-gos.

scheduled tornament

Prize Pool

Unless you are joining a free tournament, your objective would be to win the prize pool at the end of the games. Just like the live casino does not allow free to play games, live tournaments are usually real money only. A large prize pool is like a welcome bonus offer at the online casino – it's a player magnet. Although the probability of winning is one in a million (literally, if there were actually a million players), the thought of that remote possibility of getting a giant cash prize is a fantastic motivator. The reward will be divided among the top players in proportion to their position in the rankings. So the higher you are, the more money you receive.

The prize pool for sit-and-go tournaments tends to be smaller than scheduled events because of the latter's sheer magnitude. While you can win $100 in sit-and-go games, you would be able to win up to $10,000 in a scheduled tournament. There are various mediums through which the casino amasses the prize pool amount, and this brings us to another classification of live casino tournaments.

Prize Pot Tournaments

The total amount of entry fees determines the prize pool in a prize pot tournament, meaning that the greater the number of participants, the higher the money up for grabs.

Fixed Pot Tournaments

Here, the prize is determined before entry. Irrespective of the number of participants, players already know what they stand to gain. With fixed pot tournaments, the prizes are often ranked. For instance, a fixed prize pool of $1,000 can be shared in this way:

  • 1st place - $500

  • 2nd place - $300

  • 3rd place - $200

Leaderboard Tracking

The best live casino tournaments allow players to track their progress on a leaderboard. This ranking mechanism shows the points for all participants in real-time. Being able to track your ranking adds to the thrill of the entire experience. Every time you move up a spot, it means you are one step closer to being a winner, which motivates you to give your best game. Seeing where your opponents stand also helps you plan your game strategy accordingly.

prize pool leaderboard

In order to gather the crowd required for a successful live event, featuring the right games is crucial. Player favorites are the common option, and the most popular live tournaments games are:

  • Live Blackjack

Blackjack is more skillful than most casino games so these tournaments are often scheduled, and game rounds can go on for weeks. The major difference between live casino blackjack and live tournament blackjack is that at the live casino, you are only playing against the dealer, while in a live tournament, every other contestant is an opponent. All players need to register beforehand, and once the games begin, players can be eliminated as they run out of chips.

  • Poker Tournaments

Poker tournaments held yearly around the world number in the hundreds, if not thousands. From the small events organized by individual casinos to the major ones that attract international crowds, poker is the king of live tournaments. The World Series of Poker, commonly abbreviated WSOP, is the biggest annual event of its kind that began in 1970. It is held in Las Vegas, and players have to be physically present to participate. The prize pool generally runs in millions of dollars. Again, players are eliminated as they run out of chips, and those with the most chips at the end of the games is the winner. Sometimes, players are allowed to re-buy and get back in the game if they get eliminated early.

  • Slot Tournaments

Not everyone is a lover of table games and the slot community in the online casino is massive. These last a few days at the longest and are one of the most famous live tournament variants. The aim of the player in a slot tournament is to get the highest number of credits in the limited amount of time provided. Players who join in a slot tournament can win various jackpot sizes - small, medium, or big. The live casino is normally not the place where you would find slot games, but live tournaments offer players the opportunity to participate in some hard-core competition.

  • Roulette Tournaments

Live roulette tournaments are very similar to blackjack tournaments in structure. They usually have a scheduled starting time, and the buy-in window closes once it begins. Stacking up on chips is the ultimate strategy because the player with the most chips takes home the first prize.

Claiming Your Winnings

If you emerge as one of the lucky winners, the casino will send you an email to inform you of this, and you can also find out by viewing your position on the leaderboard. If the top 50 players are to be awarded, just make sure you place no lower than 50th place. If ten people get a cash prize, then you should check that you are in the top 10, and so on.

Your winnings will reflect in your player account under cash funds, not bonuses. This means that it is not subject to any wagering requirements, and you can withdraw the money whenever you like.

Join the ongoing live casino tournament at Bob Casino today, and get a share of the $1,500 cash prize every four days.

Live Casino Tournaments FAQ

  1. How can I join a live casino tournament?

You have to be a registered player at the live casino who has placed at least a few bets already. Then you pay an entrance fee. Once you've secured your spot, begin sharpening your skills until the start of the tournament.

  1. Are fixed pot tournaments better than prize pot events?

The amount of prize pots is dependent on the entrance fees accumulated, so there is potential for these rewards to get very big. However, the number of players to be rewarded also influences the amount each player eventually receives.

  1. Is a live tournament a casino promotion?

A live tournament is technically not a casino promo because the winnings are not treated as bonus money but are credited directly to your cash funds. Still, live tournaments are usually found on the promotions page of the casino.